In 2010, The Winnipeg Arts Council hosted My City’s Still Breathing, a symposium on artists, the arts, and the city.  Hundreds of artists, academics, planners, architects, and citizens gathered to talk about the importance of the arts to city building.  In conversation, in creation, and in performance, the symposium shone a spotlight on the links between the work artists do and the way cities evolve.

All of the symposium events were recorded and are available in downloadable podcast form.  Many of them have also been turned into on-line presentations which can be viewed directly from a web browser and will appeal to anyone with an interest in the arts, in creative placemaking, or in cities.

Presentations, documents, and slideshows can be found at the Symposium website,

Among the speakers featured on the website are

  • Jon Hawkes, author of the groundbreaking The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: culture’s essential role in public planning .
  • Mark J. Stern, Co-Director of the Urban Studies Program and principal investigator of the Social Impact of the Arts Project University of Pennsylvania.
  • Jennifer Keesmaat, formerly of DIALOG/Office for Urbanism and currently the Chief Planner for the City of Toronto.
  • Christine Fellows, musician & composer based in Winnipeg.
  • Barbara Koenen, City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.
  • Jon Paul Fiorentino, Winnipeg-raised / Montreal-based poet.
  • Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Waynohtêw), a nomadic mixed-blood multi and interdisciplinary artist, singer/songwriter and curator.
  • Simon Evans, Director and founder of Creative Clusters (UK).
  • Eric Fischl, American painter and sculptor
  • Gus Rogerson, Artistic Director of The 52nd Street Project, NYC.
  • Lee Rodney, Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Windsor.

My City’s Still Breathing  was produced by the Winnipeg Arts Council as part of the 2010 Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 celebrations.  Visit to learn more about all the Cultural Capital projects.